What is the Regeneration of Historic Sites?

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  • What is the Regeneration of Historic Sites?
Latest Update : 2019-06-28

Based on the core concept of cultivating cultural development and increasing cultural engagement, the Ministry of Culture transcended conventional single-point, single-building, and case-by-case cultural heritage preservation methods and proposed the regeneration of historic sites as the central tenet for a public infrastructure investment project. By combining cultural heritage preservation and regional spatial governance, this interdisciplinary program involving local culture, history, and culture technology combines the development plan of each ministry or comprehensive plan of each government, thereby connecting locals to the land and recalling relevant historical memories. This further deepens community development and promotes local culture residing in people’s relationship with the local environment, strengthening culture connotations to boost the cultural economy. Thus, this program establishes a comprehensive cultural preservation policy involving both central and local governments, thereby applying culture preservation into civilian lifestyles.